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My Scent Box was designed to calm, inspire and teach children relaxation, calming skills and feelings language by safely exploring unique Certified Organic Essential Oil scents. Ideal for playing a simple game, a quiet time, a reward for finishing assigned work or simply working on feelings language. Great for children, parents, educators, therapists and caregivers! Suitable for children 3 years old and older.


"My Scent Box is a wonderful tool. This cleverly organized box provides a nice way to explore the sense of smell and to discover how particular smells can make you feel and function better." -Lindsey Biel, OTR/L, coauthor, Raising a Sensory Smart Child


My Scent Box Benefits

My Scent Box aids in providing support to the olfactory sense and reaching the emotional core center of the brain - the limbic lobe. Both typical children and children with disabilities can learn relaxation skills from My Scent Box. The act of smelling scents can be highly effective to some children with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, ASD and other neurological disorders. The act of smelling scents by deep breathing may help the child calm down, satisfy their need to use their sense of smell and give their body a sense of relaxation. As a result, the child may become less tense, less emotional and improve in their ability to slow down and handle their environment better during learning or playtime.

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What is My Scent Box?

My Scent Box is an aromatherapy kit specifically designed for children to learn a method of relaxation by independently & safely interacting with the different and unique essential oil aromas. As the child interacts with the scent box they can be taught to take in deep breaths of the essential oil scents and therefore learn how to relax and calm themselves. Also, each scent box includes messages and visuals that teach additional relaxation methods and the My Scent Box Feelings Guide. This guide provides the perfect opportunity to talk to your child about different feelings. It can help them to begin recognizing particular feelings within themselves and learn feelings language. The essential oil scents are stored inside bottles on cotton material to prevent spills and skin contact so children can experiment with the scent box safely. There is the option to purchase the essential oils that go with the scent box or the oils can be purchased at a separate time. For additional product information please check out our Products & Prices and Testimonials pages. We truly hope you will find My Scent Box resourceful and helpful for your child or a child you know! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: support@myscentbox.com or 952-649-8844. Thank you for your interest! Sincerely, Jennifer Vought